Solid Oak Sideboard

Solid Oak Sideboard1Francis stayed with his aunty in a bungalow house on the outskirts of a seaside town. Every Sunday his aunty would go to the farmers market to buy as much fruit as she could carry back to last the week. She used to catch the bus there at eight in the morning and take durable bags with her which she purchased from the local super markets. She would get everything from there such as tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers, potatoes, bananas and pears.

She would meet her friend there and they would make a day of it by shopping until ten and then going to the nearby seaside beach to have a tea together and chat. She would then catch the bus at one to take her back to the house. The house was approximately 2 minutes’ walk away from her house. Francis’s aunty was a very sweet and gentle lady. She was easy going and often made people around her feel that it was okay to be easy going as well.

Sunday mornings were slightly different for Francis as he used to accompany his aunty to the farmers markets on Sundays when he was younger but now that he was working and studying it became difficult for him. He usually began his Sunday by opening the solid oak sideboard when he woke up and helping himself to cereal which was often kept in there along with plates, bowls and serving dishes. He would then use the shower and get ready to go to work as a surfing instructor. This was a very profitable season for Francis as it was summer and this was when most people who weren’t hard-core surfers would come out and at least try and learn how to surf. This was mainly because of the warmth of the sea in the summer.Solid Oak Sideboard

Winter was a bit more difficult for him but he still had customers from around the town because of his reputation as a teacher, swimmer and surfer. He was very talented from a young age at this sport and paid close attention to it. His uncle had taught him a lot and encouraged him to gain more experience out on the sea. He had always reiterated that experience was vital and that experience only comes with practice. He then packed his work bag which consisted of a packed lunch, towel, his surfing costume and a spare change of clothes in case anything happened to his original clothes. He then caught the bus and arrived promptly to work. When he got there his work friends were already there getting ready to set up. He then got changed in to his surfing costume.

Our Favourite LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling lights1Whether you are an interior designer, architect or regular house owner, LED ceiling lights offer not only a new and stylish level of lighting performance but they also can help drastically reduce your energy bills and impact on the environment.

As LEDs have developed we have come to understand that they offer many benefits over traditional light bulbs and can give a homeowner a lot of flexibility in how they introduce lighting into a room. If you want to introduce a more energy efficient style of lighting into your home then we have created a list of our favourite LED ceiling lights to help you get started.

Cavan 8W LED Downlight

These bulbs have been created to perfectly mimic the high quality light that 50W halogen bulbs create. For a while LEDs struggled to replicate the power of light that we are used to but now with bulbs like Cavan’s, there are LEDs that give a smooth, crisp light that would be perfect in any room.

LED Light Panel

This model is an improved version of the regular fluorescent modular ceiling fittings and it fits directly into existing ceiling grids. It also comes with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours and its energy efficient nature will save you significantly with your bills. Whilst this light panel may be used more in schools and hospitals, there is definitely the potential for it to be used in a home environment.

Sysion RE 1130 Warm White LED Downlight

The Sysion is a higher-performance alternative to the Cavan, you may have to part with a little more cash but for this you will get a longer lifespan and the ability to customise the light through interchangeable bezels and diffusers.

Nexus 10 Pendant

This is a model is ideal for more contemporary fittings, it has been designed to concentrate its light and create a feeling of intimacy, making it ideal for use over the dining table, in the livingroom or bedroom. LEDs are ideal in this scenario because they are naturally directional and waste very little light outside of their directed beam.LED ceiling lights

Vulcan LED Batten

Yes it might sound like something out of Star Trek but this LED batten offers advanced results compared to even the best modern fluorescent tubes. You might consider introducing them into your kitchen or bathroom and they offer longer lasting, tougher and a higher performance than their rivals.

Carina LED Flush

The Carina is a very versatile LED that can be installed pretty much anywhere that you would like it to be. Due to its dust-tight and water-resistant build, it is ideal when placed in bathrooms or kitchens. Its warm white light also makes it a great option for home use.

Davida Spotlight

This model is a ceiling bar that has fully adjustable light heads, it comes ready-supplied with LED GU10 bulbs and therefore gives you years of reliability and high performance. Due to it emitting no UV heat it is ideal when used to highlight artwork or points of interest.

Oak Table

Oak Table1Oak wood is a very popular material for wood furniture, it is expensive but of a very high quality. Oak wood adds a refined look to wood furniture and an elegant touch to any item. Oak tables in particular are very popular; they can look grand and beautiful in a dining room and are also very strong. An oak wood table can come in many different sizes and styles, from round to square and small or large, it still has the ability to look grand and majestic in any home.

Oak tables are not just used as dining tables though; you can also buy a nice oak coffee table for your living room, or oak side tables. Many people like the appeal of an oak wood table, not only does it look nice in the home, but it is also very strong and therefore not prone to damage quickly, it is good for long-term use. When purchasing an oak table, you’re purchasing it for its high quality and durability; it is almost like an investment piece of furniture and one that will last you for a very long time to come, this is because oak is known for its strength as well as its versatility. It is a highly sought after material that is priced in many places for creating the best wood furniture.

An oak table is not cheap and can be quite costly, especially depending on the size and style of the table you choose. As it is such a popular product that is produced of a very high quality it can be quite costly, although depending on the time of year, you can often find a decent oak wood table reduced in price, especially in winter and during the big seasonal sales.Oak Table

An oak table is not just for the home, oak tables can be found in many establishments such as restaurants, cafes, offices, libraries, and stores. An oak table can be used for all purposes, in offices it can be used as a desk or computer desk, as well as in a meeting room or as a coffee table in waiting rooms. Some restaurants invest in oak furniture and oak tables to add a rustic touch to the setting and match the décor of the place, other places such as libraries and stores have oak tables around the place for the display of products such as books and clothes and such.

Shopping For An Oak Chest of Drawers

oak Chest of DrawersIf you are shopping for furniture then it can be easy to be tempted by value and budget products. In fact whatever you are shopping for you can be sure that there are different items with different price tags attached to them. What you need to decide is whether it is worth splashing out on something a little more expensive or whether a cheap item will do the job just as well.

Furniture Shopping

If you are buying furniture then it stands to reason that you are going to want something that lasts and offers good value. Quite often this means avoiding cheap furniture and investing in items made of oak or other high quality materials instead. That way you know that the items you are buying are made well and are going to give you better value for money.

Why Oak?

Whatever type of furniture you are looking for, you can be sure that there will be different materials and finishes that you can buy. If you are looking for an item that is going to give you good value for money then oak furniture could be the way to go. So for example if you go for an oak chest of drawers then you know that you’re getting drawers that are going to last. Of course there are cheaper items you can go for but if you need to replace this more quickly than others then you end up with items that don’t hive as much value.

Furniture Choices

Of course whatever you do decide to go for, you need to make sure you shop around and buy a piece of furniture that is perfect for your needs. There are lots of different styles and choices you can go for, so whatever you had in mind for your perfect oak chest of drawers you can be sure that there will be something to suit you.

5 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

Decorate for the HolidaysIt’s that time of year again! We’re all gearing up to see our families, buy presents, and spend some quality time with friends and neighbors. Most people opt to decorate for their holiday of choice – Hanukkah and Christmas happen to fall in the same month. So what are some great ways to honor your family’s heritage and family tradition through homewares and home décor? Let’s take a look!

  1. Set up a “memory table.” It’s easy to forget about holidays past, but this year, make the effort to bring your family back to cherished years prior. Whether you set out photos of your family together, display “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments, or light your very first menorah once again, the family will love looking through the memorabilia you’ve set out for them. You can set delicate pieces on a cushion or nestle them in a basket to keep them safe.
  2. Put together a slideshow. Some families seem to have so many photos from over the years that they simply don’t know how to display them all. A great way to create a festive atmosphere and put smiles on the faces of your family members is to set up a slideshow. Add holiday music or favorite songs that evoke special memories. Everyone will love sharing stories about holidays past and they’ll appreciate your creativity and time you put into making the project.
  3. Have a brave family member dress up as Santa. This one isn’t for everyone, but in a family with a lot of small kids, it’s an unforgettable experience for them. Just be sure to have the camera ready – and maybe have a glass of egg nog and cookies on hand for the sportsman-like volunteer who dons Saint Nick’s costume! This is a chance to really let your creative decorating go wild.
  4. Create a holiday album with your family. With digital cameras, this becomes easy! Simply organize a photoshoot with your family and print off your favorites. Set up scenes or get outdoors and enjoy the weather. Put them together in a collage, or get them printed on a pillowcase or throw to cherish forever as holiday decorations.Decorate for the Holidays1
  5. Decorate together. The simplest way to spend quality time with your family around the holidays is to decorate together. Whether that means lighting a menorah or putting gifts under the tree, the true gift is the gift of family.

Happy holidays and have fun decorating!

5 DIY Ideas for Decorating with Candle Holders

Candle_Holders_HEOne of the best ways to gear up for the holidays is to add a little bit of festive lighting to your home décor. If you are tired of hanging up the same old Christmas lights, then why not try something a little different with candle holders? Using a little bit of creativity and some spare supplies you have around your home, you can easily create festive votives that will be sure to stand out from traditional decorations!

  1. Wrap them in Tissue Paper. An easy way to get a new look out of your candles is to wrap them in a light-colored tissue paper. You can even cut out silhouettes or other colors of tissue paper to add on top! For example, if you’re hosting a party, you can add themes that correspond to the occasion – cut out birthday hats for a birthday party, or Christmas trees for a holiday dinner! Mix and match colors to create contrast, and use simple shapes that will be easy to glue in place.
  2. Add Pressed Flowers. By pressing a pretty flower between the pages of a book, you can create a simple, personalized appeal to your candle holder. Try pressing posies, daisies, or a peony, then glue it to the side of the holder. The result will be a bright pop of color on the side of the glass!
  3. Lace Up. Another way to add a little bit of flair to your glass holders is to cut a strip of lace and glue it around the perimeter. Choose any color and thickness you like. You can further embellish the lace by adding beads, gems, or even another layer of lace to create layers of elegant and romantic trimmings.
  4. Use a Wine Glass as a Holder. This works perfectly for floating candles or other delicate votives. Fill the glass with water and sprinkle in some rose petals. Then add in your candles and watch how the light plays off the water and shape of the glass. These makeshift tealight holders will be sure to dazzle your guests with its simple, romantic appeal.
  5. Utilize Mother Nature’s Gifts. There are plenty of inspirational pieces you can pluck right from your own backyard. You can line the perimeter with leaves, or fill the inside of the glass with sand. Place your candle in the sand and voila – you have a beautiful statement piece for your home.

Think Right- Think Light!

The video below shows how wide the range of light appliances is these days- from traditional standard lamps to flexible pull down ceiling lights, to desk spotlight lamps for your close reading work. In days of yore, the aim was simple, try to get each room as bright as possible to emulate daytime and be able to see each other! As lighting became more efficient, and people’s homes began to be designed with an integrated look- curtains, furnishings, carpet all to complement each other- then a new term began to creep in- mood lighting. Creating a lighting “experience” in a room which plays to its function and strengths.
Whether you are thinking of giving your home a lighting winter lift, and perhaps changing those nasty old inefficient incandescent bulbs for LEDs, you need to have a think before you rush to an online store and start clicking away.
Each room in the home has its own role to play in your and your family’s daily life. You should take this into account when planning lighting. Walk the tightrope between practicality and ambience. Between functionality and personality. Oh yes, and flexibility. You may have the best mixed colour low-light bedroom arrangement, but if you need to dust and hoover when you get in from work on these dark evenings, you’ll be cursing for not having a bright light arrangement so you can see the dust etc.
Today, the available choice of modern lighting fixtures is almost as limitless as the imaginations of the designers who create them. Look at the BHS video: form and function is very much at the forefront of innovative designers’ thinking. You are totally spoilt for choice, and therefore it can be all too easy to get distracted and diverted and buy something that will be a spare part and not fulfil your requirements.
First things first. Get a sheet of paper for each room in your home. Include utility room (if you have one) and hall/passage. Write down how much natural light the room gets in winter. Obviously this can be affected by the size of windows and their compass-point facing. A North facing room in winter will get little light after 2pm.
Then list what are your main activities in each room. Your study and kitchen will probably want a lot of light, and for that light to be directed at key areas, such as desk, bookshelf, work surface, hob etc. However your lounge and bedroom will probably want more ambient/mood lighting. Lower brightness and perhaps some colours other than white.
Then there’s flexibility to consider. If you have fixed lighting in a ceiling or walls, then are they dimmable? Some LED lights are not and you probably don’t just want a choice between on and very bright, or off and dark. Having a number of separate sources of light is a good idea. Table lamps and a multi-purpose standard lamp can be good for a lounge: You can have a strong, directed reading light if you want to sit in the armchair and read the evening paper, and then have just the low wattage peach bulb giving you background illumination when you’re watching the television or a film on dvd. A constant colour changing little effect can be good as a sole source of light if you are relaxing, eyes shut and listening to music or an audiobook on the headphones.
Take your time and discuss it with a friend of someone from your family. Two (or more) heads tend to be better than one!
Here’s the video:

Chezmoi Collection Green Leaf Duvet Cover Set Review

Green Leaf Duvet Cover Set 1Bed accessories, like covers and pillow shams, can quickly add up in price when you are buying them separately. But sets can often provide an entire bedding set for more reasonable price. A duvet set is an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase a bedding set without breaking your bank account. They can also be the perfect choice if you are looking to update your room or your bedding without spending too much money. A quality duvet cover set willinclude at least the following items: a duvet color, at least one pillow sham, at least one type of sheeting.

The Chezmoi Collection Green Leaf Duvet Cover set is a high quality, reasonably priced choice for anyone who needs a bedding set. The Chezmoi set comes with a four-piece sheet set, one bed skirt, two pillow shams, and one duvet cover. The Chezmoi Green Leaf duvet cover is white with a modern, green leafy pattern, while the pillow shams and other bed accessories feature matching green and white colors to complete the overall look of the set. All materials are made from 100% high quality polyester, which is convenientlymachine washable. This particular set is a great way to outfit a bed with matching pieces without having to buy multiple items separately. It is an especially great choice if your bedroom features natural colors, like wood brown or leafy green.Green Leaf Duvet Cover Set 2

The Chezmoi Collection Green Leaf Duvet Cover Set is not only high quality, but aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The soft green color makes it perfect for most modern bedrooms, and the comfortable material makes it perfect for sleeping on—or sleeping under!

The Chezmoi Collection Green Leaf Duvet Cover set currently retails for $89.99.

A guide to getting furniture on a budget

furniture on a budget 2There is nothing quite like a new set of furniture to breathe life into a property. Similar to how giving a room a lick of paint, replacing an old, shabby carpet with some ceramic tiles, or ripping down the old-fashioned wallpaper and substituting it with a more stylish choice, decking a home out with new furniture can make the property look and feel like a full restoration has taken place.

Unlike a restoration project which can mean re-mortgaging a home to drum up the funds, furniture can be bought relatively inexpensively. Take a look at the following guide on how to buy furniture on a budget.

Second hand shops

Musing through second hand shops can be an interesting and relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. From books to bric a brac, clothes to coffee tables and cushions to chest of drawers, charity shops are laden with many great second hand goods. Apart from being able to pick up a bargain, what’s especially appealing about buying furniture from second hand shops is that the kind of items people often take to a charity shops are high quality, such as solid oak furniture or furnishings in solid pine.

Restore existing furniture

Of course you don’t have to go racing off to a second hand shop or your nearest furniture store in order to create a compelling new look in your home. Restoring existing furniture can be as effective, not to mention much more fun, than buying new furnishings and fittings.

Restoring furniture need not be complicated or time-consuming and typically involves a few simple steps. For example, if you have a chest of drawers that have been in the family for several generations and although they are well past their sell by date, you are loathe to throw out, with some creativity and TLC this family air loon can look like a stylish new feature that’s guaranteed to spark on a budget 1

Simply sand down your chest of drawers with some sandpaper, mend any wobbly handles, missing feet or support blocks, replace loose knobs with some brass ones and paint it in a funky colour that’s in-keeping with the rest of the room – There you have it a completely transformed chest of drawers without discarding the family air loom or spending a fortune.

 Public auctions

Every week auctions up and down the country receive thousands of items that people no longer require and would like to exchange for some quick money. From antique furnishings to solid oak furniture, from battered, old chest of drawers with plenty of potential to renovate to a stylish coffee table that looks as good as new, you can pick up many a bargain piece of furniture at an auction, particularly if nobody else bids on it.

House clearances

House clearances can be a great place to pick up furniture cheaply. Simply look in the newspaper, in your local shop windows or online to find if there is a house clearance taking place near you, where you might be able to buy some fantastic, high quality furniture for a bargain price.

Book Cases with Cabinets

Book cases are viewed as a boring piece of furniture by many people. They often imagine they can only be boring shelving like the book cases their family had when they were growing up. However, nowadays book shelves can be functional and a point of interest in any home, in any room, with any style.

Added Functionality

We offer several book cases that have the added benefit of built in cabinets. Having a door as part of a section of your book case is a great way to hide electronics or other odds and ends that need a place, but may look like clutter if they are placed on an open shelf. We offer a corner cabinet that would be perfect for displaying a candle collection or even a small fish tank or family photos. The top acts as a display table, the shelves below are a great place to store books or display other knick knacks and the cabinet below can be used to store supplies. Do you have children? If so, a cabinet on the bottom of your new book case may be the solution to storing children’s items that may otherwise look out of place. Because they are easily accessible, you can store things such as children’s craft supplies in them. The child has access to them on their own, making them feel independent, but they are still hidden from view while you are hosting a dinner party. It could also offer a place for the child to store his own books, which may not be as visually appealing as your book collection sitting on a shelf because children’s books are often various shapes and sizes.

A Polished Look

Book Cases that have cabinets also tend to look more polished than book cases that are strictly open shelves. Open shelves can be difficult to keep tidy on the lower shelves and can also be more difficult to keep clean. Adding a cabinet on the bottom helps protect the lower portion from dust and dirt, protecting the contents and reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do.

We are positive you will find something to meet your needs at Chest of Drawers whether you are looking for a traditional book case, a modern or nontraditional book case, or a book shelf with a storage cabinet included. We offer free s hipping on qualifying purchases and offer a product guarantee that simply can’t be beat.